John Lennon McCullagh – More shows added

John Lennon McCullagh is pleased to announce he will be back in Holland next month for three shows, including his first in Amsterdam! Here are the details:

May 23rd Apeldoorn: Gigant 
May 24th Groningen: festival: De Nacht van Kunst & Wetenschap
May 25th Amsterdam: Sugar-factory


Pete MacLeod’s new single, ‘Give A Little Love’ out NOW!

Pete MacLeod‘s new single, ‘Give A Little Love’, is released today!




As before, we’re interested in hearing from any artists/bands who have an album’s worth of songs and are looking for a record deal. If so, please send e-mails with links to music to

Have a great Easter!

Sourya ‘s new radio edit of “Winterwind” released today on 359 Music

Sourya ‘s new radio edit of “Winterwind” is released today on 359 Music – Buy HERE

imageimage (6)                                                                        Back light photoshoot at the American Museum of Natural History – New York

Pete MacLeod supporting The Strypes in Germany next week!

Pete MacLeod is supporting The Strypes for three dates in Germany next week including:


Watch Pete & Alan McGee discussing Pete’s German tour with The Strypes

Sourya – Question & Answer Session – Winterwind released next Monday (7th April)

To celebrate the release of Sourya‘s debut single ‘Winterwind’ next Monday, we asked Sou to answer a few questions about his inspirations behind ‘Winterwind’, his favourite musical acts, future plans and much more!

Pre-order ‘Winterwind’ HERE


     359 MusicTell us about the inspirations behind the song ‘Winterwind’, musically and lyrically?

Sou – Winterwind is about everyday life melancholy, nostalgia, where basically not much is happening. And there’s this keyboard melody that translates the words as it´s a loop, it reminds you of something but don’t know what and it makes you feel sad but in a beautiful way.

     359 Music - Who were your favourite musical acts when you were growing up?

SouI was growing up listening to Clapton, Santana, The Eagles, The Beatles etc, because my parents were into them, teenage angst moment by listening to Guns ‘N’ Roses and Nirvana and then I discovered Jonny Greenwood and Radiohead. And then I was a grown up.

     359 MusicHow different do you think it is being based in Paris as a musical artists from being in, say, London?

Sou – Paris is smaller in size, there are less bands so you get a better shot at making a living out of music. ;-) there’s a real respect for the music coming from other countries, the sound of the records, the gear that´s been used etc, that the inspiration for your own music is more noise wise than melodic wise, Paris is more nerdy, and nerds are the rulers right? ;-)

     359 MusicWhat are your future plans for Sourya, now that you are now a duo and not a quartet?

Sou – Trying to figure out how to render the songs with a stripped down setup, it´s exciting and it´s taking time but it’ll be worth it.

     359 MusicHow did you first become acquainted with Alan McGee?

Sou – I think I first met him at a death disco he organized in Paris in 2005/2006 can’t really remember. We got on well very quickly ( he loved the music, I loved the creation stories…) and he stayed in touch with us.

     359 MusicWhy has there been such a long delay since the release of your last, critically acclaimed album Dawdlewalk.

Sou – Sophomore album syndrome growing on me I think. Was trying to make a different album than Dawdlewalk, more edgy sonically, more ear candy, more natural melodically, and still make something a little different. Took me some time to achieve this

     359 MusicHow did you cross paths with the chaps from Daft Punk?

Sou – My manager Daniel Dauxerre is a long time friend of theirs and 3 years ago, as I was stuck with my album, he proposed me to meet Thomas Bangalter to see if he could unlock the situation. Very cool guy, very kind and all, he listened to the whole album demo and gave me tips for arrangements, we chatted about music, synths, string section, moroder and chic (he was in the process of random access memories I think) etc.

     359 MusicWhat new music in 2014 are you intrigued by?

Sou – I’m still waiting for an artist or a band that would fill stadiums and be musically avant garde at the same time. All melodies sound the same, all productions are too similar, I think it’s time for a change.

     359 MusicAny live plans for Sourya, either in Paris or elsewhere?

Sou – Still preparing our liveset, dates to be added soon

     359 MusicYour next single for 359 Music after ‘Winterwind’ is going to be ‘My Enemy’. Tell us about that song?

Sou – My enemy is a song about shy people who like to communicate but can’t because their behaviour is often seen as a scorn. Sometimes I like to see it as 2 friends who grew up together and being enrolled in 2  football teams that have been enemies forever.



Pete MacLeod headlining at Kintyre Songwriters Festival on Saturday 24 May

Pete MacLeod will be headlining at Kintyre Songwriters Festival on Saturday 24 May and hosting a seminar from 3-4PM for local musicians and artists. Here’s a list of Pete’s other dates for this year so far:

Liverpool 4th April – Headlining Alan McGee’s 359 Music night.
Berlin 14th April – German tour supporting The Strypes.
Hamburg 15th April – German tour supporting The Strypes.
Cologne 16th April – German tour supporting The Strypes.
Campbeltown 24th May – Kintyre songwriters festival.



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